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A Premium React Training Course from Reed Barger

Build YouTube with React

Learn to build & deploy a full-stack YouTube clone with React, Node, and more.

Gain expert skills to build and deploy an amazing React app

An epic training course that gives you the entire process to code your own stunning YouTube web app, made with React and Node.

It doesn't take weeks or months to make something great with React. In just a few afternoons, and you can learn the tricks to start building your own amazing, production-ready app.

And in that time, you'll get way more than a great project. You'll master a complete set of powerful skills to build your very own incredible applications, limited only by your imagination.

What Will You Build?
We'll build a full-stack clone of the YouTube web app that looks and works just like the real thing.

Along the way, we'll master an entire stack of powerful, industry-standard technologies, including:

  • Building a robust, secure backend with Node.js
  • Creating a fully-featured REST API with Express
  • Adding custom app features with React Hooks
  • Making performant requests with React Query
  • Uploading images + videos dynamically with Cloudinary
  • Logging in users super easily with Google OAuth
  • Mastering auth best practices with JWT and cookies
  • Interacting with our Postgres database using Prisma
  • Deploying full-stack React + Node apps with Heroku
  • Still reading? This isn't even HALF the skills you'll learn...

Who Is This Course Made For?

This course was created for ambitious developers, who:
  • Are learning React, want to gain next-level skills, and rapidly increase their value as a developer.
  • Have always wanted (but never knew) where to find the skills to build epic React apps.
  • Want to learn React well enough to kickstart their own business, online store, and app ideas.
  • Already know HTML, CSS, and JS, but are looking for a truly exciting challenge.
  • Have made some React apps before and want to see how to build apps like this one on their own.

In short, this course is for anyone who wants to learn how to build world-class apps with React.

Whether you want to get started with an exciting new project, or are looking to become a full-stack developer with React and Node, you'll learn a ton in this course.

MEET YOUR Instructor
Reed Barger

Reed is the founder of The React Bootcamp, a premium training course designed to give you a six-figure career with React.

His work has been featured on top developer sites like FreeCodeCamp, Scrimba, and React Status. Reed has taught over 50,000 students to level up their React and JavaScript skills in over 100 countries in his online courses.


You’ll get instant access to 7 modules, featuring 70+ HD training videos, each averaging 5-7 minutes in length (with captions and transcripts). This includes the final app code for the project, plus additional downloadable resources, cheatsheets and tons of practical examples.

In modules 1 & 2
we’ll build a complete backend with Node/Express

we'll begin by including in-depth the part that almost every React course leaves out: how to create your backend, which is responsible for powering our React frontend. We'll see how to use it to manage our users, videos and authentication across our app.

img module
In modules 3 & 4
we’ll make a stunning React user interface

Then we'll dig into the fun stuff. Building our YouTube user interface with React. We'll build our app shell with it's core styles, interact with our backend to bring in our user's feeds, subscriptions, history, liked videos, add Google Login, handle image and video uploads and tons more.

img module
In modules 5 & 6
we'll add the advanced features,

the stuff that makes our application just like the YouTube web app, such as being able to like and unlike videos, add and remove comments, subscribe and unsubscribe to other users' channels... In short, make it a fully-featured, full-stack application.

img module

We'll see how to seamlessly deploy our final app to the web with Heroku

Learn the essential tricks to effortlessly to ship React and Node apps live to the world like a pro

img module

5 big ways you'll level-up as a React developer through this course

  1. lessons ico
    You'll gain tried and tested best practices for writing your React code using cutting-edge features and libraries (that other tutorials don't even touch on).
  2. lessons ico
    You'll pick up the entire process for how impressive user interfaces in React are made from the ground up, and will learn what steps to follow for your own projects.
  3. lessons ico
    You'll learn first-hand how to make powerful APIs using Node, Express, and Postgres that serve as the engine for any React app you want to make. We don't skip any detail, from routes, to controllers, to secure authentication.
  4. lessons ico
    After this course, you'll be able to easily deploy any full-stack React and Node to the web with ease using the setup and boilerplate we've created in this project.
  5. lessons ico
    You'll not only have learned to build your own stunning full-stack application, but you'll be able to use it as the start of your business, your next great app idea, and as a top-notch portfolio project for any future employer to see.

When you enroll in this course, you get forever access to:

Step-by-step videos

If you want to learn React well, you're in the right place. You'll gain the best hands-on experience on how to level up your React skills with crystal clear instruction. I'll be pair programming with you every step of the way.

Practical code examples

This course was designed to be as eminently practical as possible. All of the code we write is made to better create our final app and every bit of it will show you how to build great apps going forward.

Essential resources

Not only will you get the final, completed app code for our project, but along with every video, you'll find transcripts attached to every video as well as professionally done captions to follow along with.

a unique React training program designed to help you code 5-star React apps from dev to deployment
Plus! Once you enroll, you get:
ALL Current And Future Content
img img

including a combined total of:

access img
7 Modules
access img
67 Videos
access img
Finished app code, captions and transcripts
The Complete Package
$ 149 $ 129 USD
  • Over 8 hours of expertly-produced HD video content
  • Professional captions & transcripts for every single lecture
  • Completed app code for easy reference
  • A certificate of completion upon finishing the course
  • Plus free updates as the course becomes better and better
You’ll save an extra $20
when you join today.
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Questions students like you have asked

  • What if I haven't used React or Node before?

    You might find this course a little bit of a challenge if you have not had any experience with React before. If you have a base knowledge of JavaScript and React, this course is a great fit. Every bit of code we write is broken down, line-by-line. You won't be left behind.

    The best part for beginners is this: you won’t waste time on trial and error because you’re learning how to code great React apps from the start.

  • Will I need to purchase anything else once I buy the course?

    No, the only services that we use throughout the course are entirely free! This includes the hosting and media services (Heroku and Cloudinary) that we use to deploy our app and host our videos. I want to make sure you don't have to spend another dime once you get access to this course.

  • When do I get access to the video training?

    Immediately! This course is ready for you right now. Note that if you are joining the presale, you will get access to the first 15 videos for the first 3 days and then once the course opens up completely, the total amount (67) will be immediately delivered to you.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online instantly with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

  • Is there a time limit to complete the course? How long do I have access?

    There is no time limit to going through the content in this course. You can take it at your own pace! Plus, your access to the course doesn't expire. Enjoy lifetime access to this course, plus all future updates when you join.